Despite Bidding Goodbye, Why do People Still use Incandescent Light Bulbs?

It was in the year 2014 that the people bid goodbye to the standard incandescent light bulbs and it was decided that since then there will be no company that would manufacture or import incandescent light bulbs though stores could sell off their existing stock if they had any. This kind of abolishment of such types of bulbs was due to the switch to bulbs which are more energy-efficient.

If you take into account the energy-efficient bulbs, they cost you more than the incandescent bulbs and they also last longer thereby helping you to save on energy costs in the long run. Then what is the reason behind people still buying incandescent bulbs? Why are they not able to forget such bulbs?

The cost of the bulbs

As compared to their energy-efficient counterparts, incandescent bulbs usually cost much lesser and not only that, they even cost you lesser than several CFLs and LEDs too. They can cost you almost a nominal amount as 70 cents and a CFL bulb will sell for at least few dollars. The only issue with the incandescent bulbs is that you end up paying more in the form of electricity costs and this is why they’re considered as inefficient. 90% of the energy that is consumed goes towards heating it and then the remaining 10% goes in lighting up. Since they don’t last long, LEDs and CFLs have become popular.

Their color is yet another reason

The incandescent bulbs are well-known for their warm light and this looks perfect against all sorts of skin tones. This is why the fluorescent lights gained enough reputation for casting a harsh blue light. Nowadays with the advancement in the field of technology, fluorescents can match incandescent in a perfect manner. The manufacturers of the light bulb are demanded to include the color temperature on the label of the bulb so that the consumers know whatever they’re about to buy.

Lifespan of the bulb

There are few consumers who complain the fact that the CFLs don’t last as long as they claim to last. One of the features of CFL bulbs is they’re fragile and they can be vulnerable to overheating. When these bulbs are put inside the fixture and they are bottled in a glass shade, they usually get too hot and this is why their life is shortened. LED lights can overheat. Such bulbs can be used in light fixtures which have proper ventilation.

Habit of people

One more reason due to which incandescent bulbs are still familiar among people is that they have become habituated with using them. People have always known such bulbs and it is only since the last 4-5 years that there is the energy-efficient buzz in the whole industry. The same reason is true with LEDs which are also getting popular due to the familiarity.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the reasons why incandescent bulbs are still working, you should take into account the above mentioned ones.

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