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Can Online Learning Balance the Learning for Competitive as well as School Level?

Online learning is considered to be a great way of education in today’s generation. It is undoubtedly a significant revolution that has taken place in the contemporary way of education. Education is an important factor in everybody’s life. Even though it is not just limited to classroom teaching, it is important that a student score well in their academics. Good scores can take them to better places and well-advanced courses. However, only the academic scores are not enough to get into a well-advanced course. One must pass and score well in certain competitive exams respective of the particular course they choose. Online coachings have made the process of preparation for competitive exams much easier compared to the traditional way of teaching. Students are benefited in numerous ways through online learning. However, there has been a common doubt that arises in the mind of students and even parents – does online learning holds good for both competitive and school-level exams? Well, there is no arguing that online education provides plenty of benefits for every student. This article helps one to know the benefits that online learning offers for everyone and why it is important to choose it. Continue reading the article to know more about the context.

Online learning is nothing but the education that takes place over the internet. In school level, students must be well-versed with the subject knowledge. They must study the subjects in a detailed manner and prepare themselves for the next grade and advanced courses they are to take in the future. To do this, students have to refer to the right books and must follow a proper study methodology. Being thorough with the NCERT books are more than enough if one is in the CBSE curriculum. Just studying the books will never be enough. One must have a habit of preparing their notes and practising what they studied. This is when online learning helps the students to move ahead in their studies as NCERT solutions are available over various websites. Vedantu, a leading live tutoring website provides plenty of study materials that are required for the students. Vedantu NCERT solutions in PDF format and for all the grades. This will not only be helpful for the school level or board exam preparation but will also help the students who are preparing for competitive exams as it covers all the basic topics one must know when they are preparing for exams like JEE, NEET, etc.

When a student is preparing for any kind of competitive exam, he/she needs to be very selective and use the time efficiently. Online learning saves a student’s time as they do not have to travel and can access the internet from anywhere, any time. They can opt for their comfortable mode of learning, that is either by utilizing the study materials or by watching the relevant videos over youtube. One must refer to plenty of books as they will have to practice many problems. It’s a known fact that the internet is a power-packed source of knowledge. Not just the e-books, there are various platforms where students can interact with teachers and get their doubts resolved. Live tutoring makes it easy for the students as they can follow a proper study plan accordingly based on the topics covered.

A student will only succeed in his studies when he/she is determined and works hard towards it. As one can see, online learning holds good for both school level and competitive exam preparation. However, since every required information is just a click away, that does not mean that students have to keep everything to the last moment. Students are required to be disciplined enough, make a proper plan of their study schedule so that they know the right way to use the benefits of online learning.

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