Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services provide ease of storage and sharing of large files on the Internet.  All companies can benefit, regardless of size or segment. It is clear that each one has a different need, and the Cloud is not something that installs itself and serves at the moment.

Requirements are essential to understand, plus a user needs to take into consideration several aspects when building a project, and this requires a highly specialized team, whether internal or external.

It is interesting to mention that, regardless of the size of each institution, it is necessary to invest in planning, effort, resources, and time, seeking a minimum margin of error. Therefore, there are still many questions from employers, not only in terms of financial and security issues but also in relation to the entire process. For those who already decided to make the migration, and being the case that the company does not have internal expertise is a better option to hire a company that has the specialization, not only to develop the project but also to maintain the migrated servers for the Cloud.

The change should be seen as an opportunity to leave systems behind and replace them with light, fast, and inexpensive versions. Although it is likely that a good part of your environment may be in a virtual environment and change for a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), bringing everything your company has available for the Cloud is not feasible, especially in case of high investments in management-level systems and all the infrastructure implanted to support them.

Many businesses partner with cloud service providers, and a significant player in the global market remains PCloud. The Swiss company specializes in offering file hosting via cloud storage, mobile cloud storage, cloud collaboration, digital asset management, and file sync and sharing. A fascinating thing about their service is that they offer a lifetime plan instead of a monthly or yearly subscription, which comes off with a remarkable convenience as a user only needs to acquire once and are good to go for the long term.

With that being said, let’s discover some essential benefits of cloud storage:

  1. The end of local storage

With the Cloud, it is possible to store all the information about the company in a virtual way. With the correct management of such a technology, cryptography of crucial details. You can discard any device with physical storage. This will allow for the exchange of information between the users.

  1. Data protection

Being in the Cloud, it is possible to configure which user will be able to access, alter, and edit a specific document. Security of confidential data is possible with the implementation of some user control.

  1. The decrease in storage costs

Public and Private clouds allow for a combination to build a Hybrid Cloud, with low cost of use. In Public Clouds, you can, for example, store the files that have more access to the personnel of the company and in the Private one, the most confidential information.

  1. Ease in the sharing of information

To facilitate the life of companies and their collaborators, when the data is concentrated and accessible on the Internet, it is easier to change information and file updates in real-time, which people can access even if they are physically in different locations.

  1. Flexible storage

Cloud allows you to increase or decrease the storage space. You can choose the space you need according to your requirement. In other words, you only hire space that you need to use. In that case, there are cheaper costs too.

Do not be afraid to make that migration. Research in the market the best providers and what type of Cloud fits more with your requirements.

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