7 Web Design Trends Every Business Leader Should Capitalize on This Year

Over the past years, we have come across many technologies that have proved themselves revolutionary. Similarly, we have observed changes in the web design industry as well. As with the changing user’s behavior it is more resilient for designers to keep up with the modern trends.

The web design is considered as an ultimate reflection of a brand as it creates a strong impression on audience minds.

It’s time to mold and reshape your online portrayal that resonates with the modern fabsand is more compelling to engage maximum number of users. A good design has a solid impact and it is imperative for a web design company to streamline each element according to the latest patterns. Here’s how designers are revamping the web appearances of brands to grab the attention of their potential customers.

Retro Design

The old is what still in minds and has come again with a charm. Just like the trends dated back in 70’s and 80’s are resurging, so as the design patterns. The technique has made use of nerdy styles to bring back a rusty persona. The essence of reminiscence has made these styles more unique and eye catching so the user can recall it multiple times. The lack of colors blend and gradients, the retro styles are still captivating as it has childish pizzazz more focused on the fun side.

The 80’s can be considered as the beginning of tech era as computers and gaming were persuading and had an influence on TV commercials and Press advertisements. Now designer may confront a challenge of creating a clean outlook that contradicts with modern norms and yet translates the message in a vivid picture. Well, it is more cherishing for designer who had a glimpse of retro styles when they were popular in those years. They will enjoy more redesigning the patterns when they are growing up.

Motion Design

Motion design has seen a significant uprise in the recent years. Most high-end websites have embellished their content with moving illustrations, hover effects, animations and GIFs, etc. To make people stick around your website, motion graphics are considered to be more useful and mind triggering. You may have come across many examples where it is used in the shape of animations putting emphasis to undertake an action or animations that unveil hidden data or elements of the website.

Conceptual Minimalism

Now every other designer seems focused on creating a minimalist designed artistry. The simplicity attracts a lot and is one of the reasons it has achieved so much significance. You can’t consider it as new as it’s been there for a long and has been a part of many influential fabrications. The simple detailing makes this concept more appealing. The colors and typography when applied with great clarity gives a warmth feeling and enticed many through minimalist spaces.

Micro-Interactions for Engagement

These days you will find micro interactions all across the web. They are meant to generate triggers to constrain users perform a specific job. Mostly these are embedded to create engaging moments enhancing the direct interaction sensations. Some interaction requires you to meet certain qualifications before progressing to the next step.

Many designers neglect the significance of these design elements. They forget that the unique user interface tend to improve user experience and encourage sharing of content on social media channels. Also, users are more susceptible about providing feedback after an action is completed.

Val Head the author of Designing Interface Animation Blog says “They add powerful design detail that really elevates the whole experience when done well.”

Moreover, micro interactions make website navigation more compelling and each click leads to open a new scenario going through smooth and interactive actions.

Geometric Shapes

Elements in nature are asymmetrical or imperfect but on the other hand geometric shapes are the combination of straight lines and curves. Geometric shapes in logos, icons and illustrations make them look more sophisticated, more clean and interactive. They are highly in use in the world of web design because they can divert attention of users towards specific areas of your website. To give more value to the message, it is ideal to utilize geometric shapes that indicate more intensity and rationality. There isa need to have a sustainable balance between the shapes when exerted with less interactive elements. It works to increase the prominence of the message you want your reader to put emphasis on.

Material Design by Google

First introduced for mobile apps, now has spread all across the web. The material design launched by Google is library of elegant and tempting colors that lays foundation for stunning themes. Once you are well aware of the major aesthetics of material design, you can implement it on any digital interface. The color palette consists of range of flat colors to generate more depth and saturation in design elements. The shadows are insidious yet apparent. It creates a great balance with micro interactions and a built-in library of icons makes a designer work easier.

3D Illustration

There is no doubt that illustrations provide more meaning to the content on your website. Illustrations depict the information in a more understandable way that users can easily grasp the message and can remember it for a long.

Integrating illustrations in your web design glorifies its outlook and illustrated characters when transformed in 3d can become a solid image of digital products. People are more inclined towards story that is why marketers prefer to connect a theme with each marketing campaign. Illustrations depict the story in amazing visuals that not only looks attractive but defines the story in a way that readers tend to remember for long.

Final Words

The year 2019 has approached and designers are needed to be well aware of the advanced web design trends that are perpetuating in the shape of digital elements all across the web.  They tend to have a direct connection with the changing trends but those paradigms are sometimes quite daunting for them as they have to revamp the existing stuff. It’s time to make your mark in the era of creativity where people get more inclined towards unique and impulsive features.

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