6 Rummy Playing Tricks for Cash Tournaments

Rummy is one of the largely played card games in India. It can be accessed online on gaming websites and played for winning real cash prize. You can play rummy and earn real money from cash tournaments. But to be a pro-player, you must be aware of important gaming tricks and techniques, because you have to be the best to emerge as a winner through rounds, and clinch the title in the finale.

Here are 6 tricks you should know to master the online real cash winning games, like an expert.

  • Download the Game on Your PC and Phone

Get a 13 card rummy game free download for android or iOS device, and PC. This way, you can access the game from anywhere. If you are not home, you can play using your smartphone and whenever you want to play on your computer, you can do so as well. Subscribing to regular updates on a rummy website or app will let you get information of cash games and tournaments, which you should not miss.

  • Focus and Concentrate

Most importantly, you must be alert on the board throughout the game. Try to remember the rummy cards, which the opponents pick and discard. This will help you read their hand and predict their next move. Keep a check if your rival has picked a card you have already discarded, so that you can be careful when it is your turn to play next.

  • Pure Sequence

Before knowing how to earn money by playing games of cards, you should know how to win one. If you choose rummy, it is crucial to know that you cannot win without forming a pure sequence. The number of pure sequences required in a hand depends on the rummy variant you play or the rules of the platform you play on. You may also have to make an impure sequence.

An example of a pure sequence is 2, 3, and 4 of Spade. An example of an impure sequence is 3, 4, and 5 of different suits. You can make a pure sequence or impure sequence of either 3 or 4 cards.

  • Do Away with High Point Cards

It is best to discard the high point cards at the start of the game or as soon as possible. Higher the value of cards, riskier it is to keep them. Of course, if you are able to for a valid sequence or set with those, you may not discard them. But, if you think that these cards could make you lose the rummy patti game, waste no time to replace them with other lower point cards. Again, you may have to hold high cards if these are useful to your opponent.

  • Never Miss Your Turn

If you miss consecutive turns, the system will abandon you from the rummy game. While it may not mean you have lost the match, but you will lose points, which is equal to a defeat. Play within the time-slot assigned for your turn and do not miss making a move. Especially if you play online rummy free game to win real money, losing points will in turn hurt your game.

  • Utilize the Joker Cards Wisely

Joker cards are very valuable in Indian rummy online games because they can replace a missing card you require to make a sequence or a set. It is advisable to not use the Joker card in a pure sequence, until there is no other way to use this card. Otherwise you can put the joker in a set or a sequence to complete it. For example, you have 7 of Spade and 9 of Heart and need an 8 of a suit. If you have a Joker card, then you can use it as replacement to 8, and complete the sequence.

The tricks and tips will definitely help you play rummy online for real cash like a pro. Apply these techniques and grab a big win at rummy.

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