• 10 Tips to Increase The Number Of Website Visitors

10 Tips to Increase The Number Of Website Visitors

When it comes to building and increasing the visibility of a website, all marketers have the same goal: to have more visitors. Over time, these users can become frequent visitors and loyal promoters of your site and content.

Here are some tips that will help you increase the number of visits to your website:

1. Publish content

Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that content is a very important part of websites. So think about how to make your site a point of reference and the main source of information for users in your industry. The relevant content attracts the attention of users, who are more likely to share them, thus contributing to increase interaction with your site.

2. Promotion in other online platforms

Writing relevant content is the first step, but without the right means of promotion, even the best content isn’t much use. There are various ways and means to promote content both online and offline. Social media, for example, are a great alternative to share content with users who are located in different parts of the world.

3. Interaction

Speaking of sharing, the site must facilitate this possibility as much as possible. The “Follow” option – at the top of the page – attracts more attention by suggesting visitors to follow you on social media as well. Instead the “Share” option inserted near or at the end of each article is very useful for stimulating sharing with other people in other online platforms.

Well written and relevant content, along with the “Follow” and “Share” options can lead to a 20% increase in the total number of shares.

 4. Call to Action

Visitors can share content regardless of whether you remind them or not, but they are more likely to do so after seeing the “Share “option. If you want visitors to take a certain action immediately after clicking on the page, then you can also enter a welcome message containing a Call to Action.

5. Giveaway

The giveaway is a way to interact with your audience and offer them something to talk about. The only condition that you must set visitors to participate in this type of contest is the sharing of your content on other online platforms.

6. Share

It seems obvious but many sites don’t update their followers on the new content they have posted. Users do not expect to find you on every possible platform, but if you have entered the “Follow ” option on the site then they expect to see your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Take a few minutes to update all popular platforms with new content and thus increase the interaction with customers and loyal visitors.

7. Photos and images

If you try to search online you can find many articles confirming that the sharing of articles containing images or photos is greater than for text-only articles. Instead of worrying only about the published content, also pay attention to the inserted images or whiteboard animation video so that they are not copied and that they convey the same message as the text.

8. Post on other websites

If you have the opportunity to write for other sites by inserting a link that would direct visitors to your site, don’t miss it. You can also invite other bloggers to write for your site. Their online followers will read the posts posted on your site and if they find other valid content they may come back and follow your site as well.

9. Comment on other blogs

If you get the chance, spend some time visiting other blogs, commenting on the main posts and topics. This way, you can interact with other bloggers and get to know other people and visitors.

10. Site optimization

To do this you must contact Google Analytics or any other means used to measure the performance of your site. This will help you understand what to keep doing and what not to do better for website optimization. You can edit the written content, change the layout, insert more colors or features etc. as long as they serve to increase the number of visits to the website or to expand your online community.

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