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Team – Alphonso Labs


A mango cultivar that is considered by many to be one of the best in terms of sweetness and flavor. It is grown in western India, where the founders grew up. Alphonso Labs is a wildly creative startup, revolutionizing the way you read your news on-the-go.
Akshay Kothari Akshay Kothari – co-founder, product management
Akshay graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. He calls himself a “fake EE”, since he spent most of his time taking computer science and design courses. He is mad about mobile interaction design, thinking about novel interactions during the day and coding nifty apps in the night. He likes good vegetarian food, down-tempo music, spontaneous drives to the beach and cashmere sweaters. He semi-maintains a portfolio at sunshyness. You can reach Akshay at ak@alphonsolabs.com or @akothari.
Ankit Gupta – co-founder, iOS development
Ankit graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Computer Science. He studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford and loves writing recommendation algorithms. A true code junkie, he once woke up at 5 in the morning to compete in a TopCoder competition; on a vacation. Ankit likes taking long walks, listening to Alternative Folk and watching Quentin Tarantino movies. When not coding, Ankit can be found thinking of new business models for the Music Industry and avoiding cookies. You can reach Ankit at ag@alphonsolabs.com or @gankit.
Albert Lai – android development
Albert graduated from Stanford with a Masters in Computer Science and a BS in EECS at UC Berkeley. You can find him at Cal football games during the fall, on the slopes during the winter, sneezing during the spring, and coding year round. In his spare time he plays the drums in Rock Band, attempts to cook, and mentors a FIRST Robotics team. Newly introduced to the world of design, Albert is excited to create compelling apps. You can reach Albert at @albertlai or al@alphonsolabs.com.
Cristina Cordova – business development
Cristina graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelors in Political Science. After finishing her major requirements and realizing it would take too long to change government, she took several computer science courses and spent a year researching the ethics of privacy on online social networks. She moonlighted for Tapulous (recently acquired by Disney Mobile) and a few other startups while at Stanford and worked at Google on Search before joining Pulse. She blogs somewhat frequently at www.cristinajcordova.com, tweets often at @cristinacordova and checks email obsessively at cc@alphonsolabs.com.
Greg Bayer – backend development
Greg graduated from Stanford University with a Masters in Computer Science. Previously, he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Labs where he built and lead the Hadoop research program. He is extremely passionate about big data challenges and enjoys hacking on mobile apps in his free time. When not near a computer, he can be found exploring San Francisco, biking in Berkeley, or skiing in Tahoe. Follow him at @gregbayer or www.gbayer.com. He can be reached at gb@alphonsolabs.com.
Purin Phanichphant Purin Phanichphant – user experience design
Purin is currently a second-year graduate product design student. Previously, he double-majored in Industrial Design and HCI at Carnegie Mellon University, and worked at Microsoft, Farmgroup, and IDEO as a product and interaction designer. In his free time, he enjoys building bicycles, collecting Eames furniture, cooking Thai food, and going on “fancy picnics.” Check out his website at www.purincess.com or drop him a line at pp@alphonsolabs.com.
Jean Hsu Jean Hsu – android development
Jean graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After she graduated, she moved out to California and worked at Google for almost two years. She worked on a web app and a few Android apps independently before joining Alphonso Labs. In her free time, she likes ultimate frisbee, camping, pottery, and fun adventures. Follow her at @jyhsu or www.jeanhsu.com. She can also be reached at jean@alphonsolabs.com.
Filip Mares Filip Mares – web development
Filip is a graduate student in Technology Innovation Management at Carleton University. He previously graduated Carleton University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering. On sunny days you can find him hiking around practicing his photography and checking in to places in order to collect virtual badges. On rainy days he can be found catching up on his reading and playing with the latest gadget that he “had to get”. He can always be found fist pumping to the latest in electro/house/dubstep beats. You can reach Filip at @filipmares or fm@alphonsolabs.com.
Myoung Kang Myoung Kang – cfo
Myoung counts our “beans” and manages our finance, HR, and other adminstrative functions. She has been doing this for over fifteen years. When she isn’t working at startups, she works her second shift – mother to 3 kids (chauffeur, cook, etc).

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