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Are the infosec exams too difficult?

There has recently been a big rumor going around that the infosec exams are too hard to pass for most people, and that it is better to just choose an easier career path with easier exams. This is totally contradictory to reality and I want to settle the issue here in this blog post.

Most of the candidates who have come out and claimed that the infosec exams are too hard, are people who do not understand or appreciate the truth that you have to work hard to make an exam feel passable as you take it. They are the people who will buy awesome infosec training, and then fail to actually use it the way it should be used (if an exam pass is the requirement, at least).

All you need to do to make the infosec exams seem realistically passable, is just not be like those people who I just described. Those people over-complicate things in their heads and build the exams into some super difficult task with impossible questions that are designed to trip them up. It’s not like that. If you just go through a relatively normal study period in which you invest lots of hours, then this exam will turn out doable.

Causing a DAT exam ruckus

When I say cause a DAT exam ruckus, my meaning is that you end up causing a bit of attention to go your way from the exam board because of the extremely high score that you achieve on their exam. Do you think you can do that? I know damn well that you can! It just comes down to whether or not you will, and that is completely up in the air and for you to decide by way of your actions in the here and now before the exam.

If you use your time before your exam in a productive way, then there is no reason why you cannot get the best score that anyone gets in this exam this year. It is totally possible, but it will require solid and disciplined study of one of the up to date DAT prep reviews. Nothing happens unless really hard work is put in, that is the absolute truth. And it goes beyond the DAT exam and into most things in life too. In no way is it mutually exclusive to the DAT exam. So there you have it.. you’ve learnt a lesson for life here in this blog post as well as for your DAT test that is just around the corner!

CIA Exam Easiness

There unfortunately is not much easiness involved in the CIA exam’s content and questions. Well, that is if you don’t study properly. But if you do study properly, there of course will be some easiness. Why? Well think about it, if you have studied properly, and know the answer to a question, then answering that question will not be too much of a challenge. It will have feelings of easiness involved in it. Because ultimately we either know the answer to a question, or we do not. If we know it, then it won’t be too difficult to answer and we can consider it to have easiness, but if we do not know it, then of course we will have to consider it to have difficulty instead of easiness.

If you want your CIA exam experience to have some easiness then the thing to go and do right now is to get a CIA exam review and that will sort you out, learning materials wise. This is the stuff that, if you can get it to go into your head, will allow you to experience CIA exam easiness. At the point that you have purchased this, you then just need to do plenty of studying from it and you will be sorted for the exam!

Profiting from the EA Exam

Obviously you will look at the EA exam and see it as something that comes at a cost to you. You have to pay the exam fee and also for an EA exam review. Those things are not cheap, so you will look at my title of “profiting from the EA Exam” as being a little bit absurd. I don’t blame you for that, but I want to show you another view point to look at this situation from – a more positive and also real view point.

Initially, the exam will cost you money, yes, but you will profit from those costs later on, because passing the exam will give you the chance to get a better paid job. And the money that you gain as profit will be a far higher amount than you spend on getting yourself qualified.

The message here is to stay positive in your thinking about the EA exam and do your best to complete it to the best of your ability, even if that means spending more money. Spend the money, because later on you will get it back plus a whole lot more in profit, so there is absolutely no reason to worry about spending a bit at this point in time.


Your CPA Exam Revision Plans

It is a very common assumption among CPA exam students that they need to buy some CPA learning materials such as Becker’s great CPA review, and only go through the material the one single time. Only people who have elite abilities to take in information can get away with doing this. For the rest of us mere mortals, a different approach will be necessary and that approach is to go over the material properly for a first time, but to then supplement that with a revision period afterwards. This is of vital importance because you would not believe how much information gets missed out or forgotten the first time around. Another idea is to test yourself on the course material in between the first going over of it, and the second. This way, you can find out which are your weaker areas in terms of knowledge. Then you can focus on those areas more so when it comes to the second “revision” of the course material, and this will of course give your knowledge a greater sense of completeness. This is absolutely the number one way to conduct your studies and will lead to all the success that you wanted!

Making yourself proud with your MCAT results

Passing a big exam is a proud moment in anyone’s life, and no more is that the truth than with the MCAT exam. It is an exam that has got the better of many, and it will continue to do so for a long time to come – of that I have no doubt. But, for those who pass it, they get to experience a truly proud moment when they pass because of the clear difficulty that many people encounter.

With that in mind, there is no doubt to be a long and hard road ahead of you in terms of preparing for this exam. You will need to make sure you do everything properly, otherwise you will fall to this exam the way plenty of others have done. The key components of great study are the use of the best MCAT prep books and a clear schedule that uses all the time you have in your day to good effect.  Some people build these ideas up in their heads that there needs to be more complication and stress involved than for it to be as simple as I just said, but in actual fact thoughts like that are just a waste of energy!

How to be a CFA exam warrior

Being a warrior of the CFA exam is a difficult yet ultimately simple goal. On the one hand it is simple because all you need to do is find the most useful CFA study materials that you can find, and go do some studying. But on the other hand it is difficult because it can be truly a challenge to find the time in the day to actually ignore everything going on around you and just focus on learning. There is also the reality that some of the study materials out there can be a bit boring to go through too, which can make finding the willpower to study a bit of an issue as well.

The conclusion we come to though, is that if you give the CFA exam your best shot, you will be alright and you’ll get the grade you want. You just have to be ready to commit to this really important studying period which will have to dominate your lifestyle for a while. That’s more or less all there is to it, but I would like to once more emphasize the importance of getting the right study materials. It is a decision you cannot afford to get wrong.

The LSAT Learning Curve

I am afraid I would have to admit that there is quite a big learning curve when it comes to the LSAT exam. Many students give up before they even get to the exam, but far more take to the LSAT exam material like a duck to water and go on to do really well. The learning curve is a little bit harsh but I want you to get through it successfully, and since I know that you can do it, I want to show you how.

Getting a copy of the Blueprint LSAT review course is your number one priority. It comes above all else because of the reality that if you do not have access to good study materials, then studying hard would be the equivalent of treading water – it would get you nowhere. You have to start out with the right materials, then (and only then) is it worth it to put in a bunch of time and hard work.

I recommend the Blueprint product basically because it has been around for a long enough time by this point that it has gained a solid reputation as one of the best. It delivers what you need it to deliver, which is the crucial thing.


LSAT Success Simplicity

It really doesn’t have to be a complicated thing to pass the LSAT exam. It is just an exam after all. You have done tonnes of them already in your life, probably mostly when you were in your teens, and that time shows that you have got it in you to get through exams in a successful way – this LSAT exam included.

If you think back to what it took to pass your past exams, you will likely notice that the core components were hard work and quality study materials. This means that your priorities right now are to A. promise yourself you will study hard and B. pick up the total best LSAT prep course that you can find.  Both of those things are more or less just as important as one another, although some people might argue that having a great prep course is the more important part out of the two due to the fact that you can study as long as you want, but if your materials suck, then you still will not learn very well. So yeah I guess study materials are the more important factor, but one you have them, you will still need to actually use them!