6 Key Steps to Improve your Brand’s Trust through UX Design

In today’s world, it is very important to build trust between the business and its clients. A trusted brand is more likely to gain new clients, retain those you already have. It is therefore essential to promote trust in all your marketing efforts.


Every bit of your marketing initiatives should aim to improve your brand’s trustworthiness. Even your website should help promote your brand as a trusted one. The user experience that your site provides can help do this. Here are 6 key steps shared to us by a web design Philippines company on how you can improve the trust in your brand through your UX design:

Be consistent with the overall design of your website

Being consistent with your site’s design can help improve the trust in your brand. Being consistent in design, which includes maintaining the same look and feel, and using one just one voice all throughout your site can help show that you are not only consistent with your site, but also in how you do business. Consistency in design is reflective of the values that your business embody, and that is what helps your brand earn trust.


Your consistency in design should go beyond your site. It is recommended that you maintain your design in all channels and in all media. You should really standardize your design elements so that you can be associated with them. Consistency goes beyond visual delight – it really shows that you are also a consistent business worth of trust.

Be secure

Flaws in security can hurt your brand’s reputation big time so do all your best to maintain the highest level of security possible. This is especially important for businesses that capture personal and financial information from the clients. It would definitely ruin your brand’s reputation if you fall victim to hacking, and exposing your clients to fraud.


What you should do to improve the trust in your brand is to tell your clients that they are secured while on your site – but don’t just say it, do it! To maintain security, ensure that your site is running through the latest software and that you have a dependable security plugin in place. Fortify your site’s defenses to protect your customers, and to earn and keep their trust.

Use your Content to Establish Trust

Content plays a huge role in your customers’ experience. You can also use content to foster trust between your brand and your customers. Use your content to constantly communicate with your customers and let them know that you are a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Maintain active social media accounts, send out regular marketing communications, reply to comments, and answer questions – these are some of the things for which you can make use of content not only to market your brand but to also earn trust.

Also, keeping your content up-to-date is very helpful in building a trusted brand. Having outdated content on your page would definitely hurt your brand’s reputation. This little inefficiency screams that you do not care at all about your brand’s image, so how less can you care about clients, correct?

So use the power of content to your favor and earn trust with it.

Show Total Transparency

Be very transparent as a brand, and you’ll definitely see that customers will trust you. To be transparent, you must be able to provide all possible information regarding your product – from the ingredients to the manner for which these were made, to the price, and to all other relevant information.

Letting your customers see you all the information about your products serve as a reason for them to believe that you are not hiding anything, and that you’ve told anything about the products, and that there is nothing being hidden.

Capitalizing on being a transparent brand will definitely earn you the trust that will definitely boost your company.

Engage your customers in their desired platforms

There is a number of social media platforms out there and businesses are expected to be in almost all of them because doing so enables them to be engaged by customers from whatever medium they’re most comfortable with.

This is a very good indication that you are also thinking about your customers if you can be communicated through numerous platforms. So be out there, let your customers know that they can reach out to you wherever they think is best.

For your website though, also ensure that you employ it with a chatbot feature for you to also be very reachable through your own site. Chatbots have the ability to answer basic questions, therefore fostering a very amiable brand worthy of trust.

Do not underestimate the importance of Website Design

True enough, there’s a lot that website design can do to your site. It can improve not only the awareness of your brand but also the trust for it. So do your best in promoting the trust of your brand by instilling trust in every little detail as possible. The user experience that your site design will give, can really affect the trust that your brand carries. So step up your UX game and build upon the trust of your brand through it.

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