• 3 Web Development Technologies Every Marketer Needs To Know

3 Web Development Technologies Every Marketer Needs To Know

The use of technology to kickstart a marketing venture is no longer a new thing for most people these days. The online world has been very fluid with its unending development and improvement that allows businesses to reach out to more and more consumers on a daily basis. A potential customer can come in different age groups, and so you as a marketer has to be ready as well to go with the flow.

Although the easiest way to counteract the vast world of digital marketing is to seek help and work with IT professionals, there are also basic technologies a simple marketer can work out on his own. It is indeed imperative to have a team of goal-driven individuals that share the same vision, however teaching them on how to navigate through the World Wide Web is equally important as well.

Below are three best technologies for website development every marketer has to know:

Performance and User Experience (UX)

Traffic is not always a bad thing, especially if we are already talking about the online world. Knowing how the website performs allows the marketer to see the audience’s interest and lets you work around with it. One of the basic things to look at is how quick the website loads. The shorter the load time is, the more satisfied users will be.

Also, with all the online sites floating around, knowing what and when to post can do the trick as it keeps the momentum of users to keep on visiting the site. Once you have finished improving the content and finalize some web engineering techniques, next thing to work on is how often you should respond to client’s inquiries. This step focuses on increasing user’s experience too.


More than the user’s protection, websites need to be protected as well. Once a website is hacked, it does not only put a user’s information who visited the site in danger but as well as all the important information that makes the website going. That is the reason why more and more websites turn to encrypted HTTPS communication because this increases the privacy and security for both the visitors and the website. However, at the same time, the marketer has to keep in mind that encryption tools, cookies and the like can be disabled by the users, and when that happens, a big loss of investment is more likely to take place.


More than engineering the content of the website to ensure a good flow of traffic, it is also equally paramount to guarantee that the site is secured and maintained at all times. With all the hacking circumstances that are happening around, it should already be enough encouragement to keep security a priority.

Good thing, there are website security softwares which can be used to regularly perform security scans to your own site and download the necessary updates on a regular basis as well to avoid destruction of the site. Integrating one’s internal data security and privacy policies helps in identifying the probable data breaches and leaks which would make it easier to plan the best way to fix it and avoid it moving forward.

Final Thoughts

The three web development technologies mentioned above might have been described separately. However, each one of them works hand in hand. Making sure that the website has the right content at the right time does not guarantee a good flow of potential clients, especially if it takes a long time for your site to load. Like any other sales business, the success of your website does not completely depend on the tools you have and the technologies you are equipped with, but how well you do it as a marketer.

There is no shortcut that will make your website perform well in terms of web development. As a matter of fact, it’s actually a complicated undertaking that requires basic mastery. And if you need to seek help and work with someone who is an expert on marketing technologies, then don’t be afraid. Who knows? Being one could lead you to the next big collaboration yet.

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