Are there any CPA reviews that can be used on Android devices? Well the thing is, a CPA review contains so much information, all of which needs to be learnt, that they are often a bit too big for smaller devices like mobile phones. Most CPA reviews are built for desktop but can also be used on smaller devices such as iPads. A Gleim CPA¬†guide for instance has had its interface designed primarily for desktop. Also, studying is most effective when you are sat comfortably in a quiet place on your own, and at those times, you will often have access to a desktop PC or a laptop. This is the ideal studying situation and it is how you should try to orchestrate your studies most of the time. At other times it is of course okay to do a little learning from smaller devices like your phone, but I’m just saying that usually you should seek to get yourself into a solitary and quiet situation where you can really focus on your computer. There will be more articles just like this one posted on this site over time for CPA learners, so I hope you enjoyed this article and it would be cool if you came back soon.